Building a future-ready business
The pressure of time (a story of speed) and effective execution opportunity, speed of technological change, speed of decision making, change of customer priorities, imitation of customer proposals, product uniqueness – all of this pushes for development of new business models, organizational culture and performance that match the model.

We help you make critical decisions about how to grow and reinvent your core business, identify and build new energy of growth, and allocate resources.

What rate of growth and development we should choose? What does it depend on? Who can help and strengthen us? Is it possible to afford organic growth now, relying only on one's own abilities? What are the other opportunities we may have to strengthen our model? Bringing together unusual players – business, government, international and non-governmental organizations.

The world has found itself in a new paradigm caused by huge systemic shift – from an independent success to working with partners, clients and even competitors. Our success already depends not only on our own efforts, but also on our efforts to work with others. Being perfect yourself is not enough anymore. We are no longer single autonomous players, we work in the logic of open systems - this is the logic of interaction, joint solutions and common resources.

By expanding the space, strategy becomes the art of managing assets that do not belong to us.

  • How to manage a network of partners whose size is thousands of times larger than your own business?
  • How to handle Network challenges? How to design and model complex systems?
  • What is the best way to combine the elements?
  • Which network structure is most effective?
      Development / power of a leader
      • Ambitions –
      • Ability to make difficult strategic choices and "play" with tactical decisions –
      • Willingness to create something that does not yet exist or to implement in a way that no one else does. –
      • Systems way of thinking –
      • The scale of decisions and the will to implement
      Business scaling, multiplication of the business results
      • Design and creation of ecosystems –
      • Open scalable business models design –
      • Entering new markets –
      • Creation of new business divisions, that strengthen the core of the existing company
      Strengthening the model with resources, capabilities, assets of other players
      • Identifying the necessary and possible strengthening partnerships –
      • Searching for partners that meet the criteria and standards of cooperation –
      • The development of ecosystem model –
      • «Inclusion of potential partners» –
      • Finding a balance of interests among ecosystem players
      Operational Excellence
      • Design of Value Net, Supply chain –
      • Ecosystem management –
      • Business Processes design –
      • Organizational design –
      • KPIs