Transformation of a State Institution
1. Formation of a quality team - development of the organizational capacity of the ministry (as an organization).

2. Development of the Ministry management system - infrastructural capacity of the Ministry as an organization. Improving efficiency at the operational level.

3. Ensuring quick results of the minister's work
Stage 1.
Preparation for the transformation of the ministry
1. Methodological support and support of a strategy development and business models, Roadmap strategy implementation, indicators

2. Methodological support and moderation of stages of strategy implementation: Road Map, indicators

3. Support for the development of a new organizational structure of the Ministry for the implementation of the approved strategy

4. Methodological support and moderation of development of strategies and organizational models of certain key subordinate enterprises and structures
Stage 2.

1. Identifying the idea; creation and development of an ecosystem strategy.

2. Identifying influential players, roles of ecosystem participants, their interests. Defining the role of the ministry in the ecosystem/ecosystems. Balance of interests of ecosystem participants.

3. Development of ecosystem strategy implementation, ecosystem business model, implementation stages.

4. Development of ecosystem strategy implementation, ecosystem model, implementation stages.
Stage 3.
Multiplication of results and influences of the ministry
Stage 4.
Support of transformation of the ministry and wider system, implementation of strategies, adjustment of business models
The art of strategic collaboration