Mohyla Strategic Agency
Grand Strategy
The art of strategic collaboration
The main principle of work of Mohyla Strategic Agency as action tank is partnership collaboration for realization of transformational initiatives for business development, state institutions, regional development, development of cities and territories, humanitarian, economic, social forces and Ukraine as a whole.

MSA is the environment of experts, including cooperation with policy makers, influential network of partners that search and implement solutions.

The experience in developing rules of the game to deliver breakthrough solutions, creating the design of systems at all levels (business, government, social, cultural), the ability to work in the dynamics of these systems and find levers to change them, as well as asset management which exceeds own assets and capabilities; this all allows MSA to make quality leaps in:

  • reaching a scalable business model
  • teamwork setup
  • partner-in-transformation support/approach
  • business or social systems development through ecosystems approach
  • strengthening the institutional capacity of government agencies
  • prosperity and strengthening the competitiveness of Ukraine
Strategic approach, transformational leadership, servant leadership, system thinking, and humanitarian principles are the fundamental principles of the Agency. They are consistent with its values and specialization of the school of thought, that is being formed in the Mohyla environment.

Our expertise, methodologies, and analytics are used in the educational approaches and materials of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] and form the basis of the kmbs strategic programs – Strategic Leadership in the Security and Defence Sector of Ukraine and School for Strategic Architects for CEOs of powerful business, Ministers and Deputy Ministers, deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, senior management of the security and defense sector, heads of state agencies, heads of mass media, heads of humanitarian institutions and public organizations.

Among graduates of the School for Strategic Architects programs - Prime Minister of Ukraine, Ministers of Education, Minister of Humanitarian Policy, Chief of General Staff, Deputy Ministers of Defence, Heads of Security and Defence Sector institutions, managing owners of agricultural holdings, large logistics and technology companies, management of humanitarian institutions, religions.

MSA's Deep capabilities

Search for a breakthrough strategic idea, DNA of a company or institution

Systems design: ecosystems, social systems, scalable open business models, business processes, organizational design

Models of cooperation between state institutions, business [businesses], and public organizations
Analytical research
Political capital

Experience in implementing over 60 successful projects; 16 years of managing large companies, holdings, high-tech international companies, asset management companies; 10 years of experience in creating and managing ecosystems - design, ecosystem model, players inclusion, balance of interests, ecosystem platform, ecosystem management, successful ecosystems entry.

Participation in the transformation of state institutions, strengthening the institutional capacity of state and social systems.
MSA's ecosystem

Data partnerships, tools partnerships, technology solutions, specialized expertise (powerful Network of experts), thought leadership